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And then I'll become the god of death once more

... but for now, I just need some sleep.

24 March 1989
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I am daddy's little princess. I'm in love with the first person I ever kissed. I like raindrops and snowflakes, I like cuddling and clothes straight out of the dryer. I like clean sheets and clean socks and hot showers on cold days. I'm a fighter and a hopeless romantic. I'm a recovered self-injurer, and I love so deep it hurts. I've had my heart broken once. I wear boy's clothes and girl's tanktops. I'm a fencer. I love SlipKnot and Sarah McLachlan. I wear Axe and Secret. I do in fact like sex. I still sleep with a teddy bear. Silence and touch speak louder than any words. I'm a poet who can't write.

We Teach People How to Treat Us.

Fencers do it better!
Hollins Fencing '07

Hold your breath, and if you listen carefully
You may hear the time ticking away from us,
Even as the whispers of questions past
Slip through your cracked and bloodied lips,
See the flow of the river as it rushes around us
Slipping the hem of your dress tight
Against your perfect, tempting form
That death craves with a dark desire,
Close your eyes and you may find
That you can feel me, finally.

Held here in your embrace, just once
The ethereal becomes solid,
And the ghost of what I once was
Returns to who I am now,
To whisper in your ear…

"Hello my love.
Shall we dance?"

<< 11.02.07>>
Who are you who has returned her from solitude?
How have you managed to do the impossible?